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To contact us email:, or Call/SMS/WhatsApp +263 77 66 00 333 or +263 71 96 00 333.

If you are a foreign visitor to Zimbabwe, you will be required to present a valid passport and drivers licence (including any counter parts). For local residents, a drivers licence and ID card will be required. These documents will be required to be presented by ALL drivers of the vehicle if there is more than one driver.

Yes – Simply inform the Eazy Rent a Car offices in time.

Yes – But costs of accommodation, food and any related costs will be payable by the client.

If the car is involved in an accident, it must be reported immediately so that the injured can be assisted and also that the police can do a police report which is a requirement by law. Second step will be to inform Eazy Rent a Car offices to inform them of the details of the accident.

However Eazy Rent a Car’s vehicles are comprehensively insured meaning in the event of an accident, if the driver is not charged for negligent driving the driver will only be liable for the administration costs and insurance excess cost. Should the driver be found to be negligent by law, then the driver is liable for the full repair costs / replacement cost of the vehicle as insurance will not settle claims of negligent driving.

Cars can be delivered for free around Harare including the airport. However for delivering cars outside Harare the excess mileage to and from Harare is billed to you, to have deliver the car at your selected destination.

Our rental day is 24 hours – e.g. if you pick up the vehicle at 10am today for a one day rental it is then due back at 10am the following day. However a permissible delay of 2(two) hours can be allowed and some delays can be negotiated in the contract.

Depending on the agreement, if the agreed daily rate has 300km free and you travel 380km it means 80km will be charged at a rate agreed upon in the contract which maybe $0.25/km or $0.50/km.

All Eazy Rent a Car vehicles are inspected prior to customer collection and again when the vehicle is returned. An inspection form is filled out which documents distance travelled, amount of fuel in the car and any damage to the vehicle (if applicable). And all returned vehicles will be taken to our workshop for routine check ups, this is to ensure all our vehicles are in tip top condition at all times.

Yes. Eazy Rent a Car offers tailor made car hiring deals to suit you travel arrangements.

Security deposit is refundable the day the car rental period expires/on returning the car.

You will rent the car on a full tank, which must be returned on a full tank upon expiry of the hire.